Romney Slammed On Immigration Issues

RIVERA SLAMS ROMNEY ON IMMIGRATION – McKay Coppins reports for BuzzFeed: “A prominent Hispanic Republican and Miami power broker accused Mitt Romney of lacking leadership and compassion in his approach to immigration in an interview with BuzzFeed this week, and warned that elements of the Miami party machinery won’t engage on election day without a more expansive Romney plan on immigration. Rep. David Rivera, who represents the southwestern tip of the Sunshine State, is the only Latino Republican in the House who’s not on Romney’s Hispanic Steering Committee, kept at arm’s length by the presidential candidate because of a set of investigations into his personal finances. He recently introduced legislation that would give amnesty to some immigrants who came to to the country as children. And he said he has yet to see a serious, satisfying proposal from Romney on the issue. — “‘I think Hispanic voters expect more details as to what that ‘permanent solution’ might be that he keeps talking about,’ Rivera said, referring to Romney’s pledge to fix the immigration system while in office. … He added, ‘Gov. Romney has taken positions on issues other than the economy. Immigration shouldn’t be an exception. I think he could show more leadership on the issue by unveiling a specific proposal.’ Rivera chalked up Romney’s failure to articulate a comprehensive immigration plan to fear of the tough politics.”