Howard Schultz Starbuck CEO and Founder Says The American Dream Is At Risk * The Starbucks CEO is concerned about the economy, unemployment and the general direction of the country. As the 4th of July approaches, he is speaking out — and not pulling any punches. As Americans begin observing Independence Day, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has written an open letter to the nation, “How Can America Win this Election,” in which he spells out his concern about our economy and specifically unemployment. In the letter he asks politicians to stop fighting and for business leaders to step up. “I love America, but we all know there is something wrong. The deficits this country must reconcile are much more than financial, and our inability to solve our own problems is sapping our national spirit. We are better than this,” he writes. (See the full letter here.) Schultz is running the letter in an advertisement in national newspapers and websites this week. Schultz previously vo