The Mind of Benjamin Netanyahu

Getting into the mind of Benjamin Netanyahu — While the greatest country on earth celebrated its Independence Day on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mourned the loss of his brother on the thirty-sixth anniversary of his death in one of the greatest rescue operations in military history. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein (ME!) writes that in order to understand Bibi, you have to understand the lessons his brother taught him, in life and in death: “Today, one of Jonathan’s younger brothers, Benjamin Netanyahu, occupies for the second time the office of Israel’s Prime Minister at a time of great peril for the Jewish state. Jonathan’s life and letters, immortalized in ‘ The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu ,’ resonate from the grave. They remind his brother, who too was an elite officer in the IDF, that Israel’s position in the world is precarious, that it has enemies that seek its destruction, that Israel can depend on nobody but itself, that to win a fight you often have to strike first, that continual sacrifice is necessary in order to prevent Jews from becoming wanderers again, and that while it is important to strive for peace, Israel must always be ready to fight.” Read the whole story to learn about the remarkable life of Jonathan Netanyahu.