Repeal Game On For ACA * REPEAL BY RECONCILIATION: GAME ON – If Mitt Romney wins the White House and Republicans take back total control of Congress in November, their combined strength could take a pretty big legislative wrecking ball to the Democrats’ health care law. GOP Hill aides are still working through the details of what they can rip out from the Affordable Care Act through budget reconciliation – the same complex process used to usher through final passage of the health law more than two years ago. There’s broad agreement that Republicans could use the legislative maneuver to go after the law’s individual mandate – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a “tax” or a “penalty:” Either is fair game under reconciliation. –Health policy analysts are split on what else can stay under reconciliation and what can go. There’s uncertainty, in particular, on what would happen to the new insurance rules – such as requiring insurers to cover people with pre-existing cond