USWGO News Update: Proof Economy Is Shutting Down, Righthaven May Be Back * USWGO Alternative News Proof that the economy is shutting down, Martinsville VA mall is dyingPosted: The economy keeps getting worse, now more malls are facing possibility of becoming dead malls. I have personally witnessed the economic downfall of Liberty Fair Mall. Right at the Liberty Fair Mall as I walked in, pretty much around one-third of the box shops have closed down, the arcade which usually has hardly anyone playing games there, had a few kids but that was it. I was also that most of the stores that were open had pretty much no one in the store except for the cashier, and in a few stores especially the big store had anywhere from 5-20 people at the time I was there. County Cookin had a lot more people. Most stores had employees just sitting around bored. Some of the closed box shops had a wide amount of space. One of them was a Fragrance store. Another store that was believed to