Concerns About Across The Board Military Pay Hikes * MORNING D EXCLUSIVE: REPORT KNOCKS ACROSS-THE-BOARD PAY HIKES — President Obama, House Republicans and the Democratic-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee all agree: Service members deserve a 1.7 percent across-the-board pay raise next year. But that might not be such a good idea, according to an excerpt from a study due out on Thursday. “Increasing basic pay for junior enlisted has more than six times the impact per dollar than increasing basic pay for senior officers,” says the study, which was conducted by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. “This finding calls into question the wisdom of across-the-board pay raises.” CSBA’s Todd Harrison, the study’s author, says the findings suggest the military should instead use targeted pay hikes. “If you want to maximize the bang for your buck in terms of the value you give service members, you’d want to give bigger raises to junior members,” Harris