DNC Hits Romney On Offshore Accounts *http://bit.ly/MgG1pn [pro-player]http://htxt.it/Yp9V[/pro-player] http://htxt.it/Yp9V If you missed the Sunday political talk shows, the Democratic National Committee put out a 75-second video with clips of Obama surrogates attacking Mitt Romney on his offshore bank accounts. First Read : “This was clearly a coordinated assault — and a reminder that when the economic news is not good, the Obama campaign has little choice but to go down this road. For now, the Romney response is simply, ‘They are trying to distract from the bad economy,’ which has the added benefit of likely being true… But the other fact is these relentless attacks by Team Obama on Romney’s business career have started to take a toll. Will the attacks on his personal wealth also take a toll before the Romney campaign figures out a better way to respond?”