Hatch For Bush Tax Cut Extensions In Jobs Bill *http://bit.ly/NlUWiK HATCH PUSHES BUSH TAX CUTS EXTENSION IN DEMS’ JOBS BILL – Seung Min Kim writes for POLITICO: “The Senate overwhelmingly moved forward on legislation that would provide tax credits to small businesses in order to boost job creation and economic growth – but the floor debate could turn into a politically consequential fight over the Bush-era tax cuts. Sen. Orrin Hatch, the top Republican on the tax-writing Finance Committee, will try to offer an amendment that would extend all tax rates for one year, GOP leaders said Tuesday. … Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was noncommittal on whether he would allow the vote … Republicans in both the House and Senate want to freeze all tax rates for one year and spend 2013 developing and passing comprehensive tax reform. The GOP-led House is poised to vote on such a measure before lawmakers leave Capitol Hill for the August recess.” http://htxt.it/FsdV