Woman Suggests She’d Be Dead If Congressman Had His Way
MONTANA – WOMAN SUGGESTS SHE’D BE DEAD IF REHBERG HAD HIS WAY: A cancer survivor tells her story in a brutal attack ad that Sen. Jon Tester’s campaign is putting on the air today. “It’s been nearly a year since they found the cancer, so it’s very personal to me that Congressman Dennis Rehberg voted to eliminate funding for breast cancer screenings – even from the clinic that saved my life – while protecting tax breaks for multimillionaires,” Lisa Jones says, looking into the camera. “Talk about wrong priorities! Congressman Rehnberg’s been back in Washington for a long time, but if he got his way I don’t want to think about what I would have missed.” The Democratic incumbent is putting $60,000 behind the ad, which will run statewide on broadcast and cable . Watch: http://bit.ly/Mk5z4L .