Romney Addresses NAACP – “Hear What Is In My Heart” He offers some interesting insights that seem to be a bit contrary the (ridiculous) GOP party line. It is clear to me that he is hiding something. And something is policies unspoken, a belief system that could be quite a reforming one and hope to change America for the better. The problems still seem to be in the category of his wealthy constituency, his wealth itself and the Republican party as well. There is an unknown that both Obama and Romney face going into the Presidency 2012 / 2013 so the picture still remains foggy at best. However, he still is not winning the popularity contest as explained at politico: But when he criticized President Barack Obama and his health-care overhaul, the crowd veered sharply from genial to hostile, with Romney booed by attendees three times. “If our goal is jobs, we must stop spending over a trillion dollars more than we earn,” Romney said, speaking to a community that has been hit hard by the economy. “To do this, I will eliminate non-essential programs like Obamacare.” The word Obamacare set off a raucus round of boos and shouts of “no,” briefly interrupting the Republican’s speech. Jeers grew most hostile when Romney declared that it was he, not Obama, who would be the best president to represent black America. So we’ll see. It just doesn’t look like there is enough on the table now for Romney to pull ahead, now that we have heard what he has to say on most of the issues sans the upcoming debates.