Face Time For ATT? Can They Charge For Service? *http://bit.ly/MsDyrL FREE PRESS: AT&T CHARGING FOR FACETIME WOULD VIOLATE NET NEUTRALITY RULES — Free Press sounded the alarm yesterday over reports that AT&T may begin charging customers an additional fee to use the FaceTime app over the carrier’s cellular network. (The next version of the iPhone’s operating system will allow users to use FaceTime over cellular networks instead of requiring a wireless connection.) Free Press said it could be a violation of the FCC’s Open Internet rules, which prohibit wireless carriers from unfairly blocking websites and applications like FaceTime that could compete with carriers’ own services. AT&T won’t confirm or deny the reports. It issued a statement that only says the company is still working with Apple and that it will share more information with customers as it becomes available. The FCC declined to comment.