Non Sense News – Lawsuit Filed For Osama Bin Laden Post Mortum

The world’s least interesting legal battle — For some reason, people want to know if Osama bin Laden was really given an Islamic burial. Melissa Quinn reports for TheDC: “Government watchdog group Judicial Watch announced a lawsuit on Thursday against the United States Navy for failing to hand over records pertaining to any funeral ceremony, rite or ritual for Osama bin Laden prior to his burial at sea … According to a press release , Judicial Watch issued a Freedom of Information Act request for records detailing bin Laden’s burial, and any correspondence between the Department of the Navy and any other government official regarding any ritual, rite or funeral ceremony for bin Laden prior to his burial at sea. Although the Department of the Navy acknowledged receiving the FOIA request, Judicial Watch has yet to receive any information.” This sounds like it should be classified information. If he wasn’t, that can only cause us problems abroad. If he was, that would be a shame. For history, we should know. But perhaps not now. Maybe they ought to sue the Taliban for the expense of taking this guy out and the costs of equipment (one lost helicopter that the Chinese paid Pakistan $10 Million for) and all the training, plus residual backlash that costs Seal Team 6 more men. And so on.