Ten Year Outlook On Military Spending: Obama Versus Romney *http://bit.ly/OGG3ac Here it is! What would it really look like with Romney in office. Yes, more spending (money we don’t have), in this case on the military: Since we’re flush with cash, and with federal government surpluses as far as the eye can see, it makes stellar budgetary sense that we spend $6-8 trillion over the next ten years on the U.S. Industrial Killing Machine. Wait, what? Back to deficit reality. We borrow 42 cents of every federal dollar. Neither Obama nor Romney are inclined to look for savings from the military. Doyle McManus of the LA Times takes a look at Romney’s plan to increase war spending by perhaps as much as 50% over current levels. President Obama has proposed keeping the Pentagon budget essentially flat for the next 10 years. Mitt Romney, by contrast, wants to increase defense spending massively — by more than 50% over current levels, according to one estimate . That could mean almost $2 trillion