Mission To Mars Curiosity Has Landed!

NASA’s Curiosity rover has landed on Mars! Its descent-stage retrorockets fired, guiding it to the surface. Nylon cords lowered the rover to the ground in the “sky crane” maneuver. When the spacecraft sensed touchdown, the connecting cords were severed, and the descent stage flew out of the way. The time of day at the landing site is mid-afternoon — about 3 p.m. local Mars time at Gale Crater. The time at JPL’s mission control is about 10:31 p.m. Aug. 5 PDT (early morning EDT). The plan is to have the 1 ton car sized laboratory spend 2 years in one of the most interesting points of scientific space exploration curiosity areas on Mars. Of the missions that are attempted, 2/3rds usually fail. So the success here is quite a feat. We are really excited to see what the results over the next two years will be like.