Who’s Donating To The Election?
“The Billion-Dollar Buy,” on outside spending in this election cycle – “Myth of the small donor,” by Kenneth P. Vogel : “Susan Daole last month gave $100 to President Barack Obama because she wanted to fight the flood of million-dollar checks supporting Mitt Romney. ‘I think my contribution in its own way has just as much worth as the millions that some of the wealthy donors contribute,’ said the 63-year-old librarian from Lexington, Ky. … Sorry, Susan. It would take 100,000 Susan Daoles – nearly all of the registered Democrats in Lexington – giving $100 apiece just to match the $10 million that billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife dropped into the super PAC boosting Romney on a single day in June. … “Roughly 2.5 million people have kicked in $200 or less to the various committees helping their candidate win the White House. But those 2.5 million people account for less than 18 percent of the total money haul. By contrast, 2,100 donors giving $50,000 or more have contributed about $200 million to the Obama and Romney campaign committees, victory funds and their supportive super PACs. That’s far more than the $148 million all those 2.5 million small donors contributed through the end of June, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission data by POLITICO and the Campaign Finance Institute. … “In an election purportedly being driven by the economic concerns of the middle class , the top 0.07 percent of donors are more valuable than the bottom 86 percent. … Just 14 percent of the donors account for 82 percent of the total take. … In a Monday email asking supporters to help close the fundraising gap, the Obama campaign wrote ‘we’re up against billionaires and super PACs that are funneling unprecedented amounts of money to defeat President Obama in this election.’ In a graphic, it pointed out that ‘188,679 grassroots donors with a $53 average gift = one Sheldon Adelson with a $10 million pledge.'” http://politi.co/NyuVKs