Drone Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civillians, Investigations Sought

The civilian death toll from the U.S. drone strikes on terrorists numbers in the hundreds. The United Nations has urged the United States, which has actively used drones in its combat operations overseas in recent years, to participate in investigations into unmanned air raids that have caused deaths among civilians. Just lately, sad news of new drone victims in northern Pakistan aroused fresh concerns, prompting UN special rapporteur Ben Emmerson to reiterate calls on Washington to assist in probing the lethal drone attacks. Pakistan, Russia and China welcomed the initiative. The Pentagon has used drones on 300 occasions over the past seven years. Under President Obama, the number of drone strikes has increased five-fold as compared to similar statistics from George W. Bush’s eight-year presidency. Unmanned aircraft technologies make it possible to reach the hitherto unattainable targets, but more often than not, this is done at the expense of ordinary people’s lives. Read More: U.S. drone strikes: hundreds of civilian deaths