Romney’s RNC Post Speech Verdict

POST-SPEECH VERDICT from Jim VandeHei and John Harris : “He seemed like a comfortable and accessible figure, if hardly an electric one … By the end, he even showed a little punch-he finished strong, even passionately, by his standards. … He managed to indict Obama without coming off as mean. He then made his case crisply for markets versus government, the essence of his political philosophy. … He showed how his experience at Bain Capital, starting it as a small and struggling business and taking it to riches, informs his worldview about the power of markets and his belief that the purpose of government is to clear obstacles to individual achievement rather than promote collective entitlements. “The subtext of the address was that his business career has showed his ability to focus on the critical task at hand, in comparison to Obama’s tendency to get lost in gassy words and unrealistic promises. … He is behind in this race. It is Romney, not Obama, who needs to somehow change the dynamic in some major way, and it is hard to see how Thursday’s speech did this. There was no special moment that demands to be replayed by the media, or has much chance to go viral on YouTube. …. The speech gave a nice glimpse of what a business-minded presidency might look and sound like.” –JONATHAN MARTIN, “No silver tongue, but Mitt Romney gets job done “: “Facing grim polling data about his personal appeal, the usually detached Romney finally offered a glimpse of raw emotion as he discussed his late parents and spoke of his love for his own five sons. Choking up on two occasions, Romney revealed a personal side his aides have been trying to find since he began running for president over 5 years ago. “Further, the GOP standard bearer articulated some of the most compelling lines of attack on President Obama he has yet to deliver. Romney, grasping for an edge against a history-making incumbent who scores poorly on the economy but remains well-liked, seemed to find a new implicit message for voters: You redeemed America’s promise in 2008, it felt good, but it’s OK to let him go .”