Romney Abruptly Shifts Focus To “Patriotism And God” As Campaign Realizes That Whole “The Economy Is All Obama’s Fault” Message Isn’t Working As polls now show Obama widening his lead in key swing states, multiple reports are emerging this morning that the Romney campaign has made a calculated decision to shift its message away from the economy. Buzzfeed reports the Republicans are now calling for more cowbell God and patriotism and rabid Obama-hating: But out stumping day to day is a candidate who wants to talk about patriotism and God, and who is increasingly looking to connect with the right’s intense, personal dislike for President Barack Obama . Three Romney advisers told BuzzFeed the campaign’s top priority now is to rally conservative Republicans, in hopes that they’ll show up on Election Day, and drag their less politically-engaged friends with them. Politico similarly reports that the Romney campaign has recently decided to shift focus. Rather than simply focusing on Obama’s failure to fix the struggling economy, Republicans have now asked themselves “Why limit ourselves to the economy? Why not just blame Obama for everything?”: [Chief Romney strategist Stuart Stevens] said the economy is likely to remain “the dominant focus” of the campaign. But ads and speeches will focus on a wider array of issues, including foreign policy, the threat from China, debt and the tone in Washington. Stevens said the big, unifying question will be: “Can we do better on every front?” Read more at Political Wire . Sources: TheDailyDolt, Buzzfeed and Political Wire