Cop Shoots Fleeing Jaywalker in Back 6 Times, The Finishes Dying Suspect With “A Coup de Grace Kill Shot” In Head A deputy intent on citing a group of men for jaywalking shot a suspect who fled the scene in the back six times, then stood over him and executed him with what his family’s lawyer described as “a coup de grace kill shot.” The deputy claimed in his incident report the alleged jaywalker pulled a gun on him and pointed it at him, yet newly released surveillance video appears to contradict his report as it shows the man fleeing from the deputy almost immediately, additionally he never took one shot, and ABC News reports the man’s family says the weapon found on their son did not contain his fingerprints. (See this video on the routine practice of ” drop weapons .”) KPCC reports : The family of a 20-year old man a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed two years ago says surveillance video released a few weeks ago but made public Friday shows a different story of what happened. Jonathan Cuevas was out late in Lynwood on October 10, 2010 with two friends walking to a house party. They stopped at a liquor store on Long Beach Boulevard to buy beer and snacks. The group of men jaywalked across the street around 1:45 a.m. when a deputy patrol car pulled up to cite them for an alleged pedestrian violation. The video, which has no sound, shows the deputy getting out of his car as Cuevas takes off running. The deputy shoots at Cuevas, who falls a few steps later at the corner of Josephine Street and Long Beach Boulevard. “One, two, three four, five…he stands…six, he stands over them…seve… (more)